Mohawk Revwood Plus

Key Features and Uniqueness

1. Core Features

  • Scratch Resistance: RevWood Plus offers maximum scratch protection, contributing to its durability and long-lasting appearance​​​​.
  • Waterproof Technology: It features the lifetime WetProtect® waterproof warranty, ensuring complete moisture protection​​​​​​.
  • Fade Resistance: Designed for color endurance, RevWood Plus is highly resistant to fading, maintaining its aesthetic appeal over time​​.
  • Pet Warranty: Comes with a lifetime All Pet Warranty, covering all pets and all accidents​​.

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2. Advanced Waterproofing System
  • Three-Pronged Waterproofing: Utilizes a combination of Hydroseal coating, Uniclic technology, and GenuEdge beveling to ensure virtual waterproofing of each plank​​.
    • Hydroseal Coating: This proprietary coating repels water, preventing plank swelling or deformation​​.
    • Uniclic Technology: A glueless locking system that ensures tight joints, trapping water on the surface and preventing leaks​​.
    • GenuEdge Beveling: Allows the Hydroseal coating to extend around the edges of each plank, enhancing the waterproof quality​​.
3. Aesthetic and Design
  • Premium Hardwood Visuals: Mimics real hardwood with various designs and colors, ranging from Smooth Amber Oak to Urban Mist Maple​​.
  • Texture and Styles: Features embossed in register textures with hand-scraped detailing for a realistic hardwood appearance​​.
  • Plank Dimensions: Offers varying widths from 5.24" to 9.45" wide, enhancing design flexibility​​.
4. Durability and Maintenance
  • Antimicrobial Protection: Includes CleanProtect Antimicrobial for added safety​​.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Safe for wet and steam mopping, facilitating easy care and upkeep​​.
5. Customer Reviews
  • Positive Feedback: Generally, customers have positively reviewed RevWood Plus, highlighting its quietness and the effectiveness of the damp mopping method without causing damage​​.
These features and unique aspects of the Mohawk RevWood Plus collection position it as an excellent choice for those seeking high-quality, waterproof, and durable laminate flooring with the aesthetic appeal of hardwood.
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