Mohawk PureTech: A Revolutionary Step Towards Sustainable Flooring

Introducing Mohawk PureTech, a groundbreaking innovation in flooring that redefines sustainability and beauty. Developed through a pioneering partnership between Mohawk Flooring and Plastic Bank, PureTech marks the first foray into planet-friendly waterproof flooring in the resilient category.

Mohawk Puretech Resilient Flooring

This collaboration is more than just a product launch; it’s a commitment to the environment. Together, Mohawk and Plastic Bank are on a mission to prevent over one million pounds of plastic from polluting our oceans within the next year. This initiative highlights Mohawk’s dedication as a global flooring leader not only to excellence in product innovation but also to ecological responsibility.

PureTech is not your ordinary flooring. It’s a testament to Mohawk’s culture of innovation, seamlessly blending aesthetics with eco-consciousness. The product boasts a stunning, waterproof design that doesn’t compromise on sustainability. Its renewable polymer core sets a new standard in the industry – 100% PVC-free, crafted from renewable, recyclable materials.

In 2024, witness the PureTech Live Pure campaign come to life, celebrating this unique partnership with Plastic Bank. This is more than just a product; it’s a movement towards a more sustainable future in building and design, supported by Mohawk’s elaborate connection of elite dealers, including Dalton’s Best Flooring Source.

Every purchase of Mohawk PureTech is a step towards a cleaner ocean and a greener planet. It’s not just flooring; it’s a resilient revolution, making a tangible difference with every square foot installed. Choose PureTech for a home that’s as conscious about the planet as it is about style and durability.

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