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The Best Price Service Quality Integrity Value Selection Experience Variety Style In Flooring

Every flooring website you visit always has the same verbiage, “Best Price On Flooring”.  Every one of us can’t have the best price.  But what about customer attention?  What about customer loyalty?  Honesty?  Integrity?  Stores get so caught up with the “Best Price” idea that they leave out the customer.  Giving the “Best Price” we can offer is important no doubt, but there’s so much more to flooring than price, like “QUALITY” and “SERVICE”.  And we believe that being a well-rounded flooring store is whats best in this industry.  So we carry the slogan “Best ________ In Flooring” and we will let you fill in the blank.  We want to be the  “Best” at everything that’s important to you.  Fill out this form for a sample or quote request or both, and you’ll find what makes us Dalton’s Best Flooring Source and beyond.

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